What can you do if you filled up your tank with the wrong fuel

Did I fill up my tank with the wrong fuel?

fuel tankPutting the wrong fuel in your tank can happen for many reasons; you might be running late and you just did not bother looking at what fuel you were using, you are nervous because you are running late for a final midterm or you’re late for work. It is estimated yearly that about 150,000 drivers end up filling up their tanks with the incorrect fuel. Before you lose control and go haywire, inhale exhale and relax, because you can fix the problem.

Don’t turn on your vehicle, if you do and you notice once you’re down the road and all of a sudden your car starts slowing down, it’s too late all you can do is call the towing truck that is under your insurance. What will happen as soon as you turn on your engine, the fuel is automatically flushed into the system and will damage your vehicle. Hopefully, you noticed that you put the wrong gas and you will save a load of time and money.

If you have a diesel engine, the fuel pump will most likely be smeared or greased up with oil to drive smoothly. Having put the wrong fuel in will cause it to react as a diluter and will waste the lubricant and the metal parts will scrape against each other.

Some of the parts and pieces in your vehicle that could be damaged are the fuel pump, the valves, injectors, catalytic converters, and the contaminated fuel tank.

If possible, try to estimate how much of the wrong fuel you put in your vehicle. Even though it is best to drain the fuel out of your vehicle, if you notice that you are filling up your tank with the wrong fuel you can save yourself some money by not having to call auto and repair maintenance service company. If you have filled up your engine with 10% of the wrong fuel you can actually fill up your tank and not worry about any damages to your vehicle.

Call for help. Unless you know about fixing an engine, your best bet is to call a maintenance repairing service. It might cost you, but you will be able to drive your vehicle. Once the vehicle is taken to the shop, the mechanic will use a static pump to remove the tank and flush out the fuel.

Tips to avoid misfuelling

  • Don’t depend on the colour of the spout or nozzle. Look at the label on the knob pump and the fuel indicator on the pump.
  • When you are filling up your tank avoid distractions
  • Don’t fill up your tank when you are running late or are under stress.
  • If you have a diesel car and are worried about misfuelling, you can buy an extra gadget that fits in the neck of your filler that will not allow you to insert a narrow nozzle petrol.
  • Lastly, pay more attention when you are filling up your tank because most of the damages and the services used when this happens are usually not covered by your car insurance, so stay alerted.

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